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As Maplestory 2 and more news about is getting released, I think it's time to start thinking about how Maplestory 2 will differ from the original. As a result, I made a tiny but growing lists of things from MS1 that I want to see in MS2 even though we have no gameplay.
-Party Quests
-Pre BB exp curve ( not being nostalgic. Refer to this v)
-Party Zone (so I can actually train for a while with others and be happy to train and converse)
How about you guys?

8 7 1855 Feb 2014



i live in na and i'm really excited about ms2! post in here if you're excited and what region and stuff so nexon knows what's up

Dec 2014

Well, it's not like this thread is going to change Nexon's agenda XD; but yeah I also live in NA/Canada and can't wait! I really hope they know how popular MS is in NA and are working hard to have it released ASAP

Dec 2014

I live in USA, right now MS2 is my #1 awaited game!

Dec 2014

Mapel-stoury tew will be in my hands. Or at least, in my Computers' files.

Dec 2014

United States here. Absolutely can not wait for MS2! It's everything that I could possibly want in a game and I'll play it constantly as soon as I can.

Dec 2014

Same here, I'm super excited for the game. I'm not a kid anymore, but I'll try to make time to play this game as much as possible! I'm in NA/Canada here too.

Dec 2014
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