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Out of the explorer classes from Maplestory, what classes would you like to see return(Sorry Archers, only 4 poll options allowed)?

1 9 1993 Feb 2014



I can't get over the feeling that it's so completely different to the Ranger. Do you like its inclusion or not? That being said, I'm definitely glad that we're not seeing the return of pirates. My brother, on the other hand; is such a pirate fan-boy; he might never play MS2 because of the lack of pirates.

Apr 2015

Thing is we're not completely sure onto where MS2 will be headed. We can't be sure that there will not be pirates in the future. Personally, if they don't have pirates, I would be sad, but would still play the game. Also, I think that heavy gunner shows qualities similar to Ranger. They both shoot projectiles, both carry "similar" skills (most likely), etc. The thing that I think will completely separate the two is the play style and that is pretty much it.

Apr 2015

Yea to be honest I have no idea which class heavy gunner would belong to, not archer, since they use bows, maybe even crossbows. Maybe pirates would be best suited to heavy gunner.

Apr 2015

I saw one of the passives before they got removed. If x duration has passed without movement, Heavy gunner does xx% more damage. That and a whole heap of grenades and utility. It might've got removed because it wasn't correct but maybe it will be like that? Rewards players in positioning and enforcing that playstyle? I could see it being good for zak but not balrog

Apr 2015
Menohh avatar

I think it's a different take on the classic Crossbowman.
Hunters were focused on quicker, more consistent damage (as we see in "Hurricane" )
Crossbowman were focused on slower burst damage with potential to hit insane numbers (as we see in "Snipe" ).

I think it's a good change; a lot of people weren't really into the xbowman scene-- though I have respect for those crossbowman out there.

Apr 2015

Storywise heavy gunners are a little wtf, but if you let that go its a really cool edition.

Considering how mobility and distance are the main pros of the bowman it will be cool to have a tanky ranged class that embraces its little mobility.

Apr 2015

@printer2 I'm pretty sure Heavy Gunner was added to show that MS2 will not have your constantly similar classes. Like if you notice, all of the classes are pretty diverse. (Unlike MS1 with reskinned spells). If they added something else like crossbowman, that would be somewhat "boring".

Apr 2015
Ching avatar

I think it's a really cool addition to the game, like Tristan said, it makes the game diverse. Although personally, I would love to see pirates in ms2, buccaneers were kind of my main class.

Apr 2015

I love using gun classes cause hearing a shot from a gun is very satisfying. So knowing there is a "HEAVY" gunner (more sound!) Makes me super hyped for the obt release.

Apr 2015
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