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Hello everyone, my name is Island!

As we all know, Final CBT has been well underway and unfortunately is coming to a close very shortly.
However, with close to 2 days left of the Final CBT, if you wish to come ask questions or just watch the live gameplay, please visit us (the streamers) on following twitch channels!

(You can also find us by searching for MapleStory 2 in Twitch game search!)

ChannelOnion: twitch.tv/channel_onion
Ouracle: twitch.tv/ouracle
Biddum: twitch.tv/biddum
Spadow: twitch.tv/realspadow
Island: twitch.tv/islandna
Zelkova: twitch.tv/imzelkova
Phuuz: twitch.tv/phuuz
BadHabit: twitch.tv/adamlrkes
Whyte: twitch.tv/dinizdude

The streams are usually avaliable anywhere from NOON to past MIDNIGHT.

Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you join us in our final couple days of FCBT!


3 746 May 2015

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