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Hi Everyone!

Just a random thought I had while watching the streams for the Final CBT. I think it'd be pretty cool if there is an option in the Game Settings allowing players to have background music from MS1 played while being in MS2 maps. Players can have the freedom to toggle on/off this option at any point in the game. So for a moment if players want to re-live the good old times in MS1 (before BB of course), simply check the option and immerse into some great awesome nostalgia there. What do you guys think?

4 888 May 2015



I can't figure out how to download this game, any suggestions ?

Aug 2015

go to m-a-p-l-e-s-t-o-r-y-2-.-n-e-x-o-n-.-c-o-m-/-d-o-w-n-l-o-a-d

Aug 2015

will it turn English once you launch the game or ask for a language

Aug 2015
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