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It seems like the first five worlds are Scania, Mardia, Windia, Hacerlo and Fleta. Just from first glance, out of these five, which ones are you planning on making your characters? I think Hacerlo and Fleta sound pretty cool, but I may just join Windia, since it used to be the main world I played in.

1 1281 Sep 2014


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Hi all, hope you're well.

Curious what you hope to get out of MS2?

I know some of you are hooked on maxing out your traits, and others just need to max out their level ASAP. Others are determined to have the most mesos, and others are looking to make lots of friends. With MS2's building customizing, dungeons and other unique features there will be even more ways to play the game. What're you most looking forward to? What kind of gameplay are you after?

Jul 2015
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