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So it seems that in MS2, you will need to pay monthly rent for your house/apartment to keep it and/or the plot of land it is on. That brings up a lot of potential issues, since there are many different sized houses, apartments and plots.

It's immediately worth pointing out that people have been extremely (!) negative about that same type of rent-paying aspect in the Everquest: Landmark game. If you check the Steam feedback for the game, it's lately been purely negative, because being forced to log in to grind just to pay for your house, even if you are going on a trip or have work/school, is a punishment, and not fun.

Some other questions it raises are:
1- If a group of friends/guild members have houses or apartments together, and a player misses their rent and another person takes it, will the player be forced to move away from their friends/guild to find a house elsewhere? (Or the whole guild could be pressured to move, which would also be difficult).

2A- If you rent an area for a large house, and then the rent runs out, and you can't find land to fit another large one, do you need to buy a smaller house/apartment?
2B- Could you be forced from your house into an apartment if you can't find land reasonably nearby when rent expires?
2C- Do you need to redecorate your entire house each time rent runs out?

3A- If your rent runs out, do you immediately lose the bonus (+20% damage) from your monster/boss trophies?
3B- Will that cause groups to unfairly pressure players to farm money for rent, so they don't lose the bonus when farming bosses? (Will be really important for getting the skill gems)

4- For power players who have tons of money, will they get all the best (close to town) housing spots, and stay there forever, defeating the purpose of the rent for anyone except poorer players, who will have trouble generating the money?

Overall, I really dislike rent systems, as they bring up a lot of questions, and really punish the player for not grinding. It is very effective at removing extra mesos from the economy, but can it still be fun?

Alternatively, I loved the housing system in Wakfu, where your house was carried with you always, and you could set it down as a gateway, setting up access permissions (everyone/friends/guildmembers only), and even set entry and use permissions for all the different rooms. Will there be a good social alternative use for this rent-based housing in MS2?

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