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I remember in MS1 having Speed+ and Jump+ item set was a really fun thing to have, so you could either get to places faster, or jump up higher and reach areas you normally couldn't. Obviously in MS2, you can climb to areas and use a balloon/fly to areas, but I still think it would be an interesting thing to have in game. We have mounts in game (lots of cool ones *w*) but, I remember having a set of equips that did much better than a mount and you have the ability to hit stuff while you're moving instead of dismounting.
I think it would be cool to see the Red Whip again. Also is there double jump in game or do you think there will be?

What do you guys think about having Speed+ or Jump+ on items ?

1 1 1361 Feb 2015



In just over 3 weeks, Nexon's quarterly report comes. Like last year, it will likely include data and some release information for games in several regions. It's probably going to be our best chance for GMS2 information.

But can I ask you guys something? Can you name some key MMO gaming events if there are any happening before Dec 31st? Those can be possible prime areas to be on the lookout for GMS2 information.

Jul 2015
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