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When this game is released what website in english will it be released on? Thanks.

1 3 2423 Jan 2015



I read that we'd be getting 1,000 free MP for getting a character to level 30 before the 31st, but when I logged on I didn't receive any. Server just went down for a check, do you think they'll distribute the MP's then? Or have I misunderstood the requirements for the giveaway...

Jul 2015

It is to be sent out August 1st at 12 noon I assume earliest and through out the week to August 8th 2015 11:59 pm.

The biggest problem to face is if the account is in fact the first MS2 account to reach lvl 30 because if it's not then you'd miss out. Because Koreans can make up to 3 nexon accounts for each cellphone number. It's strictly one account and the first character to reach lvl 30 if I'm not mistaken. No repeats would make complete sense for Nexon to abide to I'm afraid.

Jul 2015
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