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Personally, I would love to see some classes stick around from MS1 as well as a lot of new ones introduced to spice up the game a bit.

Anyone have any ideas as to what they'd like to see?

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I've played the first game but wasn't too interested, but I'm very excited for this game. But I was wondering, what is Maplestory? What's the story? Why is it called "Maplestory"?
And what will Maplestory 2's features will be?

Mar 2015

It's your story!

Just kidding, honestly I've always wondered why the game used maple leaves as a theme. Asking for the feature's of ms2 is a little broad of a question, go look up some videos. A few broad answers, though, it is going to be 3D, apparently not as P2W, and it has a big emphasis on user created content, including houses, clothing and maps.

Mar 2015

SimmyDeeDee I will actually be hosting a "What is Maple Story 2" /discussion tonight on my Twitch stream (twitch.tv/biddum)
I am going over the basics, features, and holding a discussion. Overall MS2 is another game made by Nexon that features a 3D (and blocky) world where you can fight, level up, customize (housing,equipment,avatat,etc), and play various mini-games.

The actual name "MapleStory" is not totally certain, but the game takes place in Maple World, and essentially your gameplay is the story of stopiing evil from the world!

Mar 2015
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I'll try to answer your questions the best I can in order.
1. Maplestory is a korean mmorpg that has a lot of character customization and social interaction.
2. The main plot is that a long time ago, there was an evil deity called the black mage who was terrorizing maple world. Then he was defeated and sealed by 6 heroes. But now there is an organization called the black wings who is trying to resurrect him.
3. Who knows why it's called Maplestory. But what I do know is that there is somewhat of a maple tree/leaf theme to the game.
4. For the features of Maplestory 2, just look around this site.
Hope I was able to help.

Mar 2015
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