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Report bad behavior and the reported player gets sent to prison. Unable to play the game, you feel frustrated, narrow, and reflect on your wrongdoings.

Things you would report:
* profanity chat
*messing up the character of the village and post it on the wall (? )
*Profanity in customized content

" Maple World, It's your world.
Why not make your world look clean? "

1 9 2402 Dec 2014



That's so awesome! Wonder if you can have both an apartment and a house? Apartments seem like it be more fun to have though since you can chill with others there.

Jan 2015

Definitely getting an Apartment in Lith with the pool xD

Jan 2015

Goodness.. now THOSE are some sick cribs! I think Ledonya should live in an apartment.

Jan 2015

I'm going to conquer El Nath! I will be the first Lion King.

Jan 2015

Going to buy a house in a key location so in a year or two is worth a ton.

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar

I love that one with the pool! I'll probably get an apartment, all I really need is a room to store stuff I find on my journeys. Then if I get good enough, get lots of mesos, I may buy myself a house.. but I still am not sure.. I'll have to save a ton before then. Thanks for posting that, MS2 is looking really amazing so far! Cannot wait for it to come out! (HYYYYPPEEE TRRRAAAIIINNN~)

Jan 2015

Awesome! I can't wait for tupperware parties with my neighbors into the wee hours of the morning!

Jan 2015
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