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Can get to the character select screen just fine and even at one point logged into the game. Then I logged out and can't get back in the game. It might due to lag from increase of players trying to get in though.

Also stupid question but yea what button was it again to pick stuff up for quests? Like the hay for that quest in the tutorial? I believe it was space but that's not working.

5 1162 Jul 2015



Lets be honest everyone aside from slight tweaks and a few cool new things due to the fact of it being a new game we all really know what were here for. The P2W has to stop and thats really all we want the fact that i can't be as strong as someone else due to me not paying money to black market my way to ridiculous amounts of money to reach the even more ridiculous prices of player items is unacceptable and just isn't fair there are good enough gamers that invest enough time in the game that they should be able to find drops and equips hunting to keep up with their level and power needs for bosses.

Mar 2015

We're here because of anime game with anime characters

Mar 2015

The pay2win aspect hasn't really been a large issue till the past year or 2 and I've been playing GMS for about 9 years to put things into perspective.
1) For me I admired the team work needed to perform tasks in the old maple days. I hate what striving for power does to a player (the same thing it does to someone in real life).
2) In every other game I had played up to that point I wasn't able to place my buttons where I wanted to.
3) Maplestory was cute and not gory like almost all the games were becoming.
4) There was a balance of exp between quests, party quests, and grinding.
5) I hate all of the new classes replacing the old ones and the fact that you can't swap over NX items. They even capped link skills.
6) Lastly, the bugs and glitches were outrageous and the hacking was never ending. Instead, of fixing their problems the MS team chose to create new content. That's the equivalent to laying a picnic blanket over an ant bed. Somehow they thought that using more blankets would somehow eventually fix the problem.

And those are my reasons for jumping ship. It may seem as if some of those problems won't be fixed in MS2 but I am hopeful. Not all Nexon games have the problems MS had. In fact, that's one reason to be upset. Their most high-profile game has been given the least attention for years now.

Mar 2015

"P2W is bad" is a useless statement. Offer a constructive alternative for financial investments in-game if you don't like the current model. You can't say "Oh, they can sell clothes", because in this game you can make your own outfits. Do you want them to restrict that feature to paying customers? That would be terrible.

So, they need to make money, you don't like the current model, and restricting the design aspect of a design-themed game doesn't work. Let's hear some constructive feedback and suggestions, because the "THIS IS WHAT NOT TO DO" school of complaint doesn't give the devs anything to work with.

Mar 2015

There are ways to implement microtransactions outside of cosmetics without completely ruining the balance of the game. For example, things like exp boosts, dungeon passes, and pets (which have all been offered in MS for many years) offer attractive bonuses to paying players, while still being more of a convenience than a true p2w advantage. In my opinion, these cross the line into p2w with the inclusion of things like MS cubing, which basically forces players to pay cash for godly equips and stats if they want to be competitive.

Apr 2015
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