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Is this forum dead now? What about the game? I haven't seen anything new about updates or this forum.

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So it seems that in MS2, you will need to pay monthly rent for your house/apartment to keep it and/or the plot of land it is on. That brings up a lot of potential issues, since there are many different sized houses, apartments and plots.

It's immediately worth pointing out that people have been extremely (!) negative about that same type of rent-paying aspect in the Everquest: Landmark game. If you check the Steam feedback for the game, it's lately been purely negative, because being forced to log in to grind just to pay for your house, even if you are going on a trip or have work/school, is a punishment, and not fun.

Some other questions it raises are:
1- If a group of friends/guild members have houses or apartments together, and a player misses their rent and another person takes it, will the player be forced to move away from their friends/guild to find a house elsewhere? (Or the whole guild could be pressured to move, which would also be difficult).

2A- If you rent an area for a large house, and then the rent runs out, and you can't find land to fit another large one, do you need to buy a smaller house/apartment?
2B- Could you be forced from your house into an apartment if you can't find land reasonably nearby when rent expires?
2C- Do you need to redecorate your entire house each time rent runs out?

3A- If your rent runs out, do you immediately lose the bonus (+20% damage) from your monster/boss trophies?
3B- Will that cause groups to unfairly pressure players to farm money for rent, so they don't lose the bonus when farming bosses? (Will be really important for getting the skill gems)

4- For power players who have tons of money, will they get all the best (close to town) housing spots, and stay there forever, defeating the purpose of the rent for anyone except poorer players, who will have trouble generating the money?

Overall, I really dislike rent systems, as they bring up a lot of questions, and really punish the player for not grinding. It is very effective at removing extra mesos from the economy, but can it still be fun?

Alternatively, I loved the housing system in Wakfu, where your house was carried with you always, and you could set it down as a gateway, setting up access permissions (everyone/friends/guildmembers only), and even set entry and use permissions for all the different rooms. Will there be a good social alternative use for this rent-based housing in MS2?

Mar 2015

I think you misunderstand a little bit, correct me if I'm wrong because I never play Everquest Landmark but just the name said for itself, I assume from the name Everquest LANDMARK focus more on like properties, housing, resource, and LAND you know, as the driving force the game. Maplestory 2 in is more of a casual MMORPG adventure which while it does emphasize on customization, it does not focus solely on like housing and properties, I think it just more of a fun option if you like to have a house/apartment beside there is limited place to own a properties on Maplestory 2 so I think they kind of want to give everyone a chance to experience this housing thing, I mean you can't own the land forever if you don't grind 24/7 JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.
I'm just gonna question these questio.
1) Yeah, pretty sure they will do that, but I'm sure they will you the ahead notice like in mailbox

2A- You can keep on paying the same area but once the time run out, pretty sure it mean you have to move out and CHOOSE whether or not if you want to get another large place or a smaller apartment but it a choice, you don't need to have a house in the game.
2B- Like my previous answer, Yes you will be force out if you cannot pay the rent.
2C- Actually, I don't think so, because in one of the trailer for Maplestory 2 ( I don't know which one), a player actually PICK UP his own house and move it to another spot in the renting area.

3A- That is a good question so far, these trophies are achievement to show off, it true they give off bonus stats but yeah, I honestly do not know if these bonus go with you as a passive thing or you really have to put down the trophies
3B- Honestly, it all come down to the question of are you a hardcore player or not. You can still kill the boss without these bonus, think of it just as a boost to make things easier, I think it won't pressure the player to farm for rent unless they REALLY want the bonus, then yeah it seems reasonable to farm and work hard to keep these stuff. I all depend on how you want to play actually.

4) Yes, but let be real here, these player that generate a lot of money are literally working their butt off just to get what they want XD. So it kinda fair they should get the best spot in town. In my opinion, ill just rent apartments in the game cause it much cheaper and I won't be decorating my house a lot. But I'm pretty sure eventually these player will quit the game or get bore of it and let other player takes over.

I just think of the housing system as another neat little feature for the game, honestly i won't affect me a lot since I'm not a hardcore player, I don't think it will punish the player, it a feature that I like, but im not gonna work hard for it, plus if I remember correctly, apartment price in the game is around the range of 72k ~ 100k mesos compare to the real properties which is like 200k~400k.

I have to agree with you on the Wakfu housing, it much more social active. I think Maplestory 2 is going for the Archage style housing where you can see other player house and such in the world. You do get a portal skill which wrap from the hunting area to your own house vice versa which is pretty neat. You can also let party member to use that portal to I think. Plus you can collaborate with your friend by buying one properties and then help each other pay the rent, MUCH EASIER. In my opinion I like the apartment more because there's actually a hub or lobby outside each apartment which is really for hanging out.

Mar 2015

@Riceyz Thanks for the feedback. It seems you are confirming a lot of what I suspected, but I admit I am focused on the negative side right now; hopefully there is more like you mentioned about sharing rent, and maybe cool features like guild apartment areas, so people can work together to help each other. That would actually be pretty neat.

As for the Landmark thing, I wasn't talking about the gameplay; in Landmark, you lose your house and land and everything if you don't pay your rent every 7 days. Most people hate that system so much, since it makes all your crafting go to waste. (You can save the house as a template, but it doesn't work unless you always build on completely flat land).

Mar 2015
Stellaria avatar

Hmm.. I'm worried too. I like grinding but eventually either real life will sneak up on me or I'll be broke as heck. If I buy an apartment just to get it taken away.. ;'c

Mar 2015

@stellaria: I feel the opposite. I'd be more worried if things weren't taken away. Considering there is limited housing as far as we know it would be much worse if players were to keep their property when "life sneaks up on" them. If someone quits for 6 months or permanently then no one else can acquire that property for that duration which may be forever. There has to be some type of scale to represent a players active participation in the game and that's regular rent. It's the most efficient way to regulate property.

@voxov: Welcome to the 'real world of real-estate' ... All of your questions are valid, but I feel part of what's intended in the housing system is a potential market for property. They came up with apartments for the casual players who just want housing for the customization and social aspects.

Mar 2015
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