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Hi guys! I'm excited to tell you guys there will be a guild system introduced in Maplestory2. Apparently guild members can view profile information of other members. Guild members can gather guild trophies through certain gameplays you can earn. I believe it says the top 3 rank of a guild can make a mark on a flag. There is a special guild lounge where you can buy special skins, rides, potions and items.

Please note that these are currently still in development and are subject to change.

What do you guys think about this? Also can somebody translate the page for us maplers who don't know how to read Korean? Many thanks!

Source: Nexon171

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Guild PvP is on weekdays from 5pm-10pm Kst. You will not be able to participate unless you change your time zone to UTC+0:900 Seoul...this needs to be done to have the correct time in game. Once you do that i believe you need to be in a party of 3 and then the people in the party press G, then go to the 3rd option going down on the left side, then press the big yellow button and you will be put into matchmaking for guild pvp . There its best out of 5 3v3 then 2v2 then 1v1 and repeat. Hope this helps out other guilds!

Granda -Co leader in Notorious

Jul 2015
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