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Hi Everyone!

Just a random thought I had while watching the streams for the Final CBT. I think it'd be pretty cool if there is an option in the Game Settings allowing players to have background music from MS1 played while being in MS2 maps. Players can have the freedom to toggle on/off this option at any point in the game. So for a moment if players want to re-live the good old times in MS1 (before BB of course), simply check the option and immerse into some great awesome nostalgia there. What do you guys think?

May 2015

That'd be pretty cool, but you could also use a youtube playlist or soundcloud or something. I'm hoping for some more remixes of originals from Maple 1, those were truly a treat to listen to.

May 2015

@Terminus Oh man, I remember people smuggling mittens outside of the PQ. I believe sins had an advantage since they could use L7 while the other classes had to auto attack/single snowball throw to damage the boss. Happyville BGM was phenomenal, possibly one of the most nostalgic themes imo, right next to the opening screen and Ellinia.

May 2015

To be honest, I find the remixes a lot more fitting. Having the same BGMs from MS1 isn't the same. The remix still gives you the vibe of the original song, plus a little twist, reminding you about the times in MS1.
This remix is definitely the best: The original opening theme Soundcloud
Or the Lith Harbor theme Soundcloud

They work remarkably well. Having the MS1 BGMs would feel out of place.

Of course though, that's just my opinion.

May 2015
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