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What will you do to secure wealth in this game?

3 923 Aug 2014



Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you korean/english speakers could help out.
If any of you could take screen shots or something or all the gui and try your best to translate it for the english community, or if this already exists.
Please let me and the community know.
I'm talking about like settings, and stuff like that so it isn't 100% impossible to navigate when the game launches.
Maybe when you right click a character too and the drop down shows up too.
Any and all help will be extremely appreciated by everyone.

Jun 2015

You can use google translate app if u have an android or iOS just take a pic

Jun 2015

@nogamenolife yes that is true but for the lazies and people w/o the current phone technology(since their are still people w/o an iphone or andriod.) it would be more helpful having a website of some sort explaining all the basics in English.

Jun 2015
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