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3 12 2343 May 2015


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Hey everybody,
I'm making this post because I have been unable to find any sort of "guild" related forum discussion. For the time being, I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have some things that I would like to run by you all!

For years I have had an idea to create not only a guild, but a community within MapleStory. A simple, helpful, and relaxed community of friends and gamers. Unfortunately, with MS and its "P2W" presence, establishing myself has been rather tough-- even with my 200 levels and dedication toward the game since its original global beta. On top of this, Program manipulation along with the indirect help from Corporate Nexon has ran MS into the ground for everybody who played fairly (thanks hackers, thanks). I wish there was something that I could do about it! However, with MS2 upcoming; we might be able to put it all behind us and move forward. A new opportunity for us all. A new beginning, and a new opportunity for me to start what I have wanted to start for a long time. ( This is just a very light background about my vision. )

I figured that, at the very least, a "guild" thread could be established here. Again, I am sorry if there is already one of these present. I would also like the chance to organize something with all of the beautiful users of this site. A guild for the users of this site and for the players of MS2 who are interested in being a part of the fun and glory (as long as there isn't already a group in place).
If this thread develops into something more, I would absolutely love to share more about my ideas, vision, and goal on uniting MapleStory lovers and especially the users of this site. Heck, I would love the chance to work with somebody who has had this idea already.
In the event that this thread develops into something more, I will make edits accordingly.

For the time being:
What sort of guild ideas do YOU have? Let us discuss general guild ideas and speculations, along with interest in having a MS2.tv guild and community on site and DEFINITELY in-game.

Edit: The cap added a great new feature for guilds, and I have created a page for mine "Perion"
Please check it out!

- Meno

Jan 2015

do we know if there will be an alliance system like in MS?

Jan 2015

I think guilds will work out just great, since not only will you be able to create custom banners, but you will be able to customize weapon color as well (Or so I've heard), thus being able to have a theme for your guild, per say everyone has to make their helmets Yellow+Green or wear certain type of custom shirts Also i have a good idea for a guild when I'll make one, but i don't want to post it since I feel like someone might grab the idea ... Guild paranoia D:

Jan 2015

Fantastic idea. Guilds in MS2 will have more unity compared to MS1 because, as @Kotizers said, you can create customized banners/armor/outfits for your guild to represent. It's pretty darn cool if you ask me.

The fresh start is going to be great... I can't imagine how much fun I'll have playing the prequel of the game I've invested so much time in throughout the years.

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar

I hope the guild is super active, social, and always there for me. I wanna make tons of friends (the things I never had is MS1.. Hmm.. I never had this 'friend' before.. are they good?)
And yeah, guilds in MS2 will be flourishing like crazy. The sheer amount of options and customization for guilds will draw in users like chocolate draws in kids... I know, terrible thing I used there. Very terrible. I regret it. But I like chocolate <3

Jan 2015
Menohh avatar

@Stellaria I think it will be easy to make friends during the launch of MS2! And yes, friends are good! I don't have a huge buddy list in MS1 either, so you're not alone.

I'm hoping to get into contact with @Seven soon, he and I have some of the same ideas in terms of getting a guild together. If anything, we will alliance, but my goal is to start something great-- A well-known and reputable guild on the servers of MS2. A guild that people will not only want to join because it is helpful, friendly, and engaging to be in; but also because of its popularity. A guild that, if somebody looks at your guild tag, they know that you're a person of positive quality (and skill). Not only a guild; a community of players that simply want to have fun with it!

Jan 2015

@seven That would be an awesome idea. if you have any ideas Let me know! i plan on starting a guild so i'm looking for any and all other guild leaders

Jan 2015
Menohh avatar

@archa I am going to be creating a new thread in a couple or days. I need to format all of my details and goals first, before I post.
Let's get in contact on Skype. I'm "menoww" on there.
Turns out that I will be in Alliance with Seven and his pigs though.
I also got into contact with my most trustworthy officer for all of my online guild business, and we are organizing starting tonight.
If you want, contact me on Skype. I WILL have my recruitment thread up and running within the next 48 hours. If you can catch me before then, there are more officer opportunities within my guild.

For anybody else who is interested, I am going to translate and link some of the information from this thread onto the new one that I will be creating. Users interested in guild related business can message me. I'm planning for a high success guild, and have the experience to do it-- my main officer as well.

Jan 2015

@Menohh Sent you a skype request. Guilds have always been a huge part of my gaming experience. I like discussing guild matters and the sort.

Jan 2015

I'd also like to cement myself in with a guild prior to the launch of MS2. I'll keep an eye out for your official guild thread.

Jan 2015
Menohh avatar

To all the people who are interested in the guild that I've been talking about, I just sent in my application to the cap for "Perion" my guild.
Check it out!

Jan 2015
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