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I was thinking if we can build our own house will there be like a guild house thing. Because that would be so awesome.

4 1316 Oct 2014



Hello !
I finally got my Nexon Kr Account but in the mail , OBTgame is talking about using a korean VPN to prevent reverification or ban ?
Xd Should I really use a Kr VPN (i'm from EU and playing in one pc only) or ? if Yes which VPN ?

Jul 2015

There is no way to tell for sure if Nexon will be IP banning. Presently, there is no credible evidence to support that.

Also, from previous experience with foreign MMOs, I would say this is unlikely until MS2 is released in other countries. They have no good reason to keep out users who make their game more popular and potentially earn them more money. The main reason MMOs IP ban is because the game is available in another region, and there are legal implications with that; it's almost like "stealing" their players.

But until MS2 is released somewhere else, the Korean version is essentially "global". There is no need for a VPN.

However... I have heard that Nexon occasionally asks you to reverify if you access the game from multiple IPs (and I assume IPs outside of Korea are higher suspect.) Therefore, I would recommend not sharing your account, and possibly avoid playing when you are not on your home network.

Jul 2015
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