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If there is a marriage system or should be what features are in it.

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Hey everyone! I know we are all anticipating the release of KMS2 on July 7th, even those that are not Korean are also waiting for the unveiling of the final release. However, the fact that anyone can play Korean MS2 (or KMS2) means that there is a language barrier that all the non-native speakers will have to overcome. That being said, I created this thread/post to facilitate everyone's endeavors in making a friend, guild, and/or party. Unfortunately for me, this game requires a lot of multi-player and party quests to succeed. That means it is safe to infer that we probably will not be seeing any "Soloing *input boss name*" vids at all during the release. These bosses will require parties of 6-10 at all times. Hopefully you all can see what i'm hinting towards, we need friends now! And I definitely don't see how non-Koreaners are going to make any knowing that there are pretty much mute due to the lack of understanding of Korean. Now, those that stream online have found friends because they met other streamers on Twitch that they could play with from previous games or in MS.

This thread is for possible party/guilds. It is ABSOLUTELY integral that there are priests in every party as that is going to be the main healer in MS2. I will probably be starting off with a Priest so if any of you are looking for an additional healer to raid some mobs with, I will be here.

My in-game character is named: Onigumo. Message me and i'll compile a list of companions so we can have a head start on the big bosses.

Happy Mapling!

Jul 2015

My first characters name is Diamandis !
I'm still on a tie whether or not I want her to be a heavy gunner or a priest, but I'll probably go HG with her and then make a new character for priest shortly after release

Jul 2015

My character will be named Sore. Going to me making an Assassin.

Jul 2015

My character's name is CrownAres. Going to be making an thief.

Jul 2015

My IGN is yubin94. Cant wait to explore MS2 with you guys ^^!

Jul 2015

My characters name is Phil, Add me and I hope I can see every single one of you in game

Jul 2015

my IGN is Razzor
please add me to the list too =D

hopefully we can get a guild or to from this community running asap.

Jul 2015

My name is Derpylight
I'll be playing as a priest

Jul 2015

Actually mine is Purifier
I'll be playing a Heavy Gunner ( as for Lucian from LoL)

Jul 2015

Can't decide on my character's name, accurately. it's Hell, lmao.

Jul 2015

My IGN name is Skvader, being a Ranger, mainly because I thought they'd be unpopular and needed some love. Was planning on the name Summer but it was taken along with lots of other choices so I went with the name of a cute bunny. Actually I think i'm the only person in this dicussion with a ranger icon, /forever alone.

Jul 2015

IGN: LunaChan/Kirosaku
Feel free to add my characters!

Jul 2015

IGN: Yami
I'm going to be a berserker, add me if you wanna party or just be friends

Jul 2015
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