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Open to discussion.

**God Tier:**

**Top Tier:**

**Mid Tier: **

**Low Tier:**
Heavy Gunner

**Poop Tier:**

May 2015

Zerker : God (have to be nerf,fast,high damage,good gap closer,good aoe,the third Best defense after priest and knight)

Priest : God (hard to take down cuz of heal class,Best defense after knight+good evasive skill,dot?)

Knight : top (medium dps , hav the Best defense,dash to get closer against ranged+skill to push away melee class like zerker or thief and have some mid ranged skills)

Ranger : top (have accuarcy,very fast dps, ranged class, ranged freez and stunt+aoe,good evasive skills)

Assassin : top (ranged class, best evasive skills ash, shadow clown,invisibility;good and Fast dps)

Wizard : mid (ranged class, aoe skills,teleportation,good dps+freez and not too squishy)

Thief : mid (high , fast dps and mouvement speed + dot,but the most squishy class and he is a melee dps with bof bof evasive skill..)

Heavy gunner : poop ( slow but high damage, bad evasive skills, not even a little tanky = free kill)

That's my opinion

May 2015
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