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One thing that I noticed with the current state of MS1 is it's lack of variety in character builds. In most situations the skills with the best scaling are picked, or you have the exact amount of points for every ability in your character choices. With the new "3D" system, things like interruptions could play a big role in how you want to differentiate from other players. I was wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing, because MS1's current state with skills is very linear.

3 887 Mar 2015



I saw capes in ms2 but cloak..that kind of stuff exist ?

May 2015
WatchGintama avatar

Nope, didn't see any cloak/robes. Everything that you can customize (so far) has been uploaded.

May 2015

I hope they implement cloak in the future *w*
Ms2 caracters will be more badass with cloaks *~*

May 2015
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