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Not sure if this was posted yet or not, but I just found this channel Youtube with a lot of MapleStory 2 music including the latest music from KMS too

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Hey guys, i've been curious on what people want to see in MS2 when it comes out. Although i wounder what people think there should and shouldn't be in MS2. This is a thread made for fun and maybe one day (hopefully) Nexon will see this and probably put idea's in. I set up a poll to throw in some idea's although they aren't really big idea's. If you agree with more than one, feel free to comment below.

If theres something you do not want to see in MS2 you may also comment about that. Although please do not start fights since we are a community and do not need problems.

I'll start this thread off for you epic people: I'd like to see balanced gear in Maplestory2 which would prevent abnormal damage. I don't want MS2 to end up like MS1 with 10 second boss soloing videos.

Thanks for reading and i'll be reading your guys replies!

Feel free to share ideas.

Now it's your turn!

Apr 2015

Maybe I am the only one but i would like to see a Couple System

Apr 2015

@Kirosaku I am sure there be some couple/marriage system in game just like MS1. MapleStory is a social game so i don't see why they won't add that sooner or later. Most likely later on though once the game is officially out and they added a few patches in first.

Apr 2015

@Grimm not trying to start any argument here but I highly doubt we will see that. Many reasons why but the biggest reason is because at least in NA that's still being shunned through most the country. It's sad indeed that this world still revolves around so much hate but that's just how this world is. That being said since it's outlawed still in many states it probably won't be brought over in GMS if it's even released in Korea. The company will be feared of being sued by homophobic parents and things of that sort. So until majority of US is in favor of same sex marriage in real life. We probably won't see it in any popular games for a long time. Not just MapleStory. Granted there a few games that have that feature but those games are not that well known so they won't take a huge loss in profit.

Apr 2015
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