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I think that to improve the Maplestory 2 experience, there needs to be a system of additional benefits balanced between Warriors, Magicians, Archers, and Rogues. For every advantage a job gets, every other job receives a different advantage of their own. Let's say that there are various hidden portals scattered around Kerning City that only rogues can access because of a certain skill they possess. That is a perk for that specific job, and therefore there must be a different perk for the other 3 jobs. Archers might have the ability to interact with more parts of the environment than the other jobs. Magicians may be able to purchase consumable items for a lower price than all others. Warriors could perhaps jump off platforms and not take damage. There are endless possibilities. Giving every job diverse bonuses that balance one another out would, in my opinion, make for truly unique gameplay.

Edit: For the people who voted that they don't care for this idea, please comment why, and think about it, you can apply this system to anything! You start off with a basic map layout and then change it up but balance it around the world so that one type of map doesn't dominate all the others. For example, have a certain number of maps with multiple platforms, some that contain many monsters, some that spiral up, some with hidden features/portals, etc.

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Maybe I just have not seen the right videos (or overlooked it), but is Player to Player trading available in MS2? For example, can player A give player B some potions and equipment? I know players can sell items in a special market, but I have not seen much about actual trading.

Apr 2015

I'd hope so! I'm curious as well, now that you mention it.

Apr 2015

Yes there is. Here is an example of the UI Shhn5kffaf32ec999
There is however what appears to be, 5 item limitation but the lock-in system is still in place. Not sure about meso fee.

You can also send items AND meso through mail, but I am sure that costs a certain fee too.

Apr 2015
Stellaria avatar

Hmm yeah there has to be a trading system. Without one.. well.. haha I'd like to see everyones reactions ^^'

Apr 2015

I may be wrong, but I believe I heard somewhere about an auction system in MS2? Like you can bid over a certain item or something... I wonder how they plan on implementing it, if they do

Apr 2015


iirc it is a bulletin board in kerning city, you can sell items there for other players to buy. o3o

Maybe it's like the bulletin board in Elsword, you can put stuff up for sale and buy items you want which are sold by other players. (Might be the same since Nexon also owns Elsword). :v

Unsure though.

Apr 2015
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