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Just as the title said, Anyone out there that still remebers that 3 of the classes haven't even been released yet?
With the new trailer I get the vibe that Ms2 kinda droped development since the community pretty much has moved on...

For the peeps who hasn't seen the new trailer yet:

3 907 Nov 2014



Does anyone know where you go to create a guild, like which town on the map?

Jul 2015

Guilds in the festival server costed 5,000 mesos, but you could do it from any location, and you did not need a minimum number of players like in MS1. If you're guildless, press G to open the guild menu (this can be bound to a different key in the options), and click on the option on the right. Put in the name of the guild, and press accept! You can see Zelkova doing it during the festival server at 9:40 in this video: Youtu

Jul 2015
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