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This one's all in the title. I was thinking of making my character Kirito based, now that i saw the Kirito NPC and now I know how to create him in the character selection. The only problem is, I think he would be a Thief, however his dual blade form is looked at as his super form and has only been shown in an important scene roughly 3-4 times, also, he prefers heavy swords. I'm most probably going to choose thief but I also want to hear your opinion.
-Thanks Guys

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This textbox appear and I don't know what it say: Googleusercontent com/-qyULG-poXHY/VXJ-II2cweI/AAAAAAAAALI/i6CxoadyvKo/s800/20150606_110843_00.jpg
Is the game under maintenance or something?

Jun 2015

The game itself is playable starting July 7th 7:00 pm. (That's what it's saying in the message)

If you didn't know, currently you can only create a character, but not actually play the game yet.

Jun 2015

Thank you, I didn't know they haven't start the game yet.

Jun 2015
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