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As you might know, Maplestory 2 is out. However, when you login and press the play button a window pops up. You need a Korean Phone Number for security purposes. Do you know if there's a way to skip the step?

3 1068 Jul 2015



I'm running the game on a MacBook pro and I definitely meet the minimum requirements. My graphics are fuzzy and jittery though when playing. Does anyone know how I could solve this or even change the graphic settings to the lowest option? I don't have issues with any games which are a lot more graphically intense than ms2.

Aug 2015

I have the same problem, I'm using a Lenovo which also meets the minimum requirements

Aug 2015

You can change the settings from the game settings.
From there click on the 2nd tab and from that page, look on the left to change to the 2nd option tab.
From that page you are now on graphics.
On the scroll option choose the second option.
On the the next block press the first option and in the last block check all 3 options.
Then you change the number of characters skills you'd want your game to run I set it to 10.

I live in Korea btw and I run the game on a 2006 Sony Viao and it flickers quite a lot. Once I changed those settings my screen still flickers but I felt that I didn't lag quite as bad during bosses or congested training spots. But in the long run.. MS2 needs a PC to run on for the best overall gaming experience because of the graphics in the game.

Aug 2015
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