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Hi Guys
I was just wondering, i tried to make a korean maplestory 2 account and was successful, however when i was about to click the final submission button, at the bottom a sign said, stealing someones kssn or id (or something like that) can lead to 3 years in prison and up to a 5 million won fine. I live in England though so nothing may happen. Has anybody had this experience. Can anyone help
(this is where i did it just in case anyone was wondering ordidn't know: Comhtmlpoprealname)

-Thanks Guys

2 937 Jul 2015



everytime i try to make a character i get this box that pops up right on the character creation screen that roughly translates to "members did not receive certification of blindness or not a dot com members nexon" and shuts me out the game. im almost positive ive registered and got the authentication code... help

Jun 2015

This is about the 5th time Im answering this on this forum. Midnight - 6am korean time YOU CANT create your character and play. For the other 18 hours, you can. Now check for yourself what time 0am - 6am korean time is in your timezone!

Jun 2015
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