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Hi everybody,

I'm Meno, and I'd like to (re)introduce our guild in development; Archon.
Here are all of our existing links for guild information:


Comforum28742191archonguildrecruitment46326184 (Same post as this one)


I'd like to note that we have multiple ways to connect with our guild setting at the moment, including:
*Skype Group conversation
*Guild Mumble server
*Website (currently in development)
*Our guild page.

In short, we are striving to be an 'Elite' level guild; with both casual and 'serious' players. Organized leadership with huge aspiration to be a successful, top guild in MS2.
The following requirements and questions are those that will appear in our on-site application. These should give you an idea on what we are about. :- )

*A moderate to extensive knowledge on MapleStory and what it takes to be a part of a high standard guild.
*A minimum of 6 hours to dedicate to MapleStory2 per week. While we understand real life primacy, you should be active throughout each week.
*The ability to fit into a guild environment. Having a positive attitude towards other players/members while having the willingness to stay in communication will be a major contributor to our success. Neither of us will benefit if you aren't comfortable in our group setting, or if you don't understand what it takes.
*No comprised letters that take on the appearance of other letters in your IGN (I.E., IVIaple, JVIaple, using L's in replacement for I's and I's in replacement for L's). It just makes things more complicated for us and everybody else. Sorry.
*Courteous and respectful behavior a majority of the time. Yes, we know how to make and take jokes--in fact, we crack 'em a whole lot; just know when to tone it down or even take responsibly/apologize for misunderstandings. In other words, just be mature.
*We expect all members to be mature. For this reason, our age requirement is 16+.
*No hacking, scamming, spamming, trolling, or advantageous behavior. It's in my best interest to keep our group legit. Major scamming won't be taken lightly, and will result in removal if it's heard through the grapevine. Please don't be a "kid on the internet" A.K.A that annoying 13 year old MapleStory player who spams emotes and clutters chat whenever he needs to be amused. Players who are looking to take advantage of the perks that I'm trying to provide for honest players will be removed upon discovery, and blacklisted for the community to see.
*Be ready to begin another Maple Adventure. If you aren't ready, well... the train is leavin' without ya. :- )

Application Process:
After you complete your application, it will be sent for review by an officer. After it has been reviewed you will be contacted. It is your responsibility to get back into contact with us if you've been accepted.
*If it appears to us as though you spent no time at all composing your application, please do not question us if we are quick in declining you. Please make an effort to sell yourself if you're serious about joining. Applications that aren't strong have a very good chance of not going anywhere. In addition, complete sentences are a must--when applicable.

Application Form:
1. What is your name, and where are you from? (What time zone are you located in?)
2. What is your gender, and how old are you?
3. Please tell us about your experience with MapleStory. What type of player would you consider yourself?
4. What made you want to apply to the guild? Please tell us about any "guild" experience that you have, if any.
5. We're working hard at being a structured, organized, and high status guild. What do you think we mean by "high status" and what do you think you'll bring to the table?
6. Do you understand the importance of account security? Please provide two examples of how one would keep their account secure. Do you have any siblings that might access your account alongside yourself?
7. Tell us about your last guild, if possible. What were your favorite and least favorite aspects about it? If you don't have a previous experience to speak of, what would you like to see from us? What do you expect?
8. Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility? Would you ever be interested in such positions?
9. Which class did you play in MS1 / Which class do you plan on playing in MS2?
10. Tell us about yourself. Show us who is behind the screen, if you want! Impress us. Make us laugh if that's your style? Convince us we want you in our guild. If you don't take the time to sell yourself, there's no reason for us to want you. We're working hard to make this a great place for MapleStory players to be--so help us feel sure in accepting your application. Feel free to list any hobbies, beliefs, or general things that you feel will help us understand you, at the very least.

If you would like to join the guild as it is right now, visit our page and send in an application! You DO NOT have to follow this format on the MS2.tv application. The questions are only a reference to what will appear on our on-site application; and what will be expected when our website is officially up and running-- and when the game comes full circle!
We're always looking for more friendly and dedicated ('serious') players for our group. Until the game is released, we'll continue to organize and plan for the game.

Meno (Kyle)

Apr 2015

We expect to have our guild website online and active by the 30th of this month (just before the final CBT begins).
We're moving forward at a quick rate - don't wait to apply!

Apr 2015

Professional and well written. Very nice.

I look forward to seeing your guild in action And good luck in your endeavors!

Apr 2015

@Demonlord While "elite" is commonly used as to describe a select set of individuals whose abilities or power exceed those of your average person, I believe that our take on "elite" is taking a slightly different turn than the common usage. More focus is being put on the qualities of your character, rather than the pace you level, damage you deal, or meso in your bank. People who genuinely care for the game and are wishing to find a home filled with people who have the same passion, that's what the"elite" aspect is more targeted towards. Actively striving to make a good experience for yourself and everyone is a quality that I love to see. You don't need to be a powerhouse or merchant in order to make the game more enjoyable. That's not to say that gearing your character up or making money is bad thing, but there's a variety of goals people have in the game. No matter what your goals may be, when it comes down to it, it's the character that matters.

Apr 2015

Thanks for the explain Quantum. But if this thing was well written you wouldn't of had to explain it. Hardy har har

Apr 2015

No one else in the guild has really had an issue comprehending the term :^)

Apr 2015
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