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Morning everyone. Do you guys think that hackers will return to MS2? I myself hope that MS2's security is uptight and top notch, hopefully like not the original Maple. What are you guy's thoughts about this? As always, thanks for the replies and feedback.

2 6 1678 Aug 2014



Im a little confused here i can see the final tests will be 01 may to the 10th of may so after the final tests will they release maplestory 2?

May 2015

There's no official news on the matter so let's not get our hopes up just yet.

May 2015
roxyxen avatar

No official news, but it'd be pretty cool if Maplestory 2 did come out right after testing ^-^

May 2015

@WatchGintama It really depends. Some companies do things differently. Some do not have open beta and go straight into official release. Some companies call it an "open beta" but really it's official release since there open beta lasts a few days and goes directly into officially release with out any notice. We just need to wait and see. Either way I am hoping it comes out soon so that we can get an estimate on when the NA version will come out and finally put a close on those rumors about the worldwide release happening or not happening. Personally, even if there is no world wide release. I don't think it's going take too long for NA to get this game. I wouldn't doubt if NA gets it by early 2016 at the latest.

May 2015
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