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As the title states, what feature would you love to see in MapleStory 2?

7 10 3924 Feb 2014


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Hi all, hope you're well.

I've added the ability to add guilds to the site! Right now it's relatively simple - someone can add a guild and add a banner. I then ok that guild (to prevent trolling) and then people can apply to join that guild. The leader / seniors can accept/deny applications or they will be erased after 3 days of no action.

The guild page shows your banner, members and posts and screens/videos from members. Members are also able to leave comments on the guild wall. Obviously only guild members can post there.

To do
* add the ability to promote / demote users to/from Senior position
* other cool bits!

[url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/add/guild]Add a guild[/url]

Thanks and enjoy!

Dec 2014
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I just submitted my guild's page! I hope it gets approved.

Jan 2015

Head on over to the guild hall at Fairy tail! We would love to see some new faces!

Jan 2015
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Hopefully more features will be in effect soon!
Our guild is considering a name change and we would love the option to change that, along with the ability to remove users from the guild roster itself. Perhaps restricting users to a single guild would be nice as well? Just to keep things a bit more organized.

Jan 2015
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