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So it appears in many of the previews for MapleStory2's PvP that players will be able to watch PvP fights from the sidelines, with an isolated arena for the fighting players. Do you think MapleStory2's PvP will ever have the possibility of being "competitive" and for Nexon to hold contests / leagues if it ever comes big enough? Our current PvP in MapleStory never had this chance, mainly due to the unbalance/funding aspect, but what are your thoughts about it in the new game?

4 1384 Jul 2014



I wish they would have answered the question about a global release.
And I hope that the global release will be named G(lobal)MS, like it was in the beginning of MS1. Not N(orth)A(merica)MS.

Apr 2015

You are all very welcome!
I hope every region gets their own server, that's my hope haha
At least the developers are working to create a pre-bigbang feeling!

Apr 2015
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