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What do you want from your guild? What do you want the focus to be? Should the guild raid etc?
Tell me! I'm definitely curios!
I also hope that all my fellow guildm8s tell me their opinion!
Cya 7

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar

~ As a warning for those who do not like to read too much, well... sorry, I overdid it. Like always. I tried to put it in paragraphs so it's easier to read, correct grammar.. all those things. I hope it's not too much. I am usually very shy, but forums is usually a place where I get all sorts of things out I apologize in advance for the walls of text! ~

What do I want from my guild?

The feeling of never being alone. When I played MS1, I was always alone. I had friends, but they were basically dead. I was alone a lot, I felt VERY shy and scared to make friends because I was afraid they would hurt me with comments like "Oh, you're too weak" or "Go away you noob". I was level 156 but it seemed like a somewhat noob level to everybody else. All I did was train and try to get stronger.. which was not fun, considering I was an Angelic Buster, so it was difficult. We got nerfed to the ground and already low defense, so it was.. *shiver* But I still kept on the class because it was really fun.

I'm hoping that wasn't too much to read.. But to summarize, I would like to always have friends. The kinds that often come over and train or boss fight with me. The kind that are always by my side, so I feel like I am not a stranger. I guess.. more attention? But I'm not trying to ask rudely or anything..

What do I want the focus to be? Well, a mixture of everything. Widespread, like we could go and fight big bosses every weekend and focus on training on weekdays and other stuff. I'm very diverse with things, I could be training and then be creating fashion an hour later hahah *Incoming Nostalgia flashback* In fact, in my spare time, I'd go meso hunting in MS1 and collect all sorts of etc drops along with the mesos and sell them to npcs XD It didn't help too much, but it got me some at least.

To summarize, basically, a mixture of everything. Lots of things we could do, yet once and a while we call in a guild meeting and talk and think about what to do next.

"Wanna train?" "Sure, let's go, we can ask around if anybody else wants to join, and then head out to.. mushrooms or whatever (after the meeting ._.')"

So yeah, for those of you who have made it this far... You are amazing. o/ *huggies* Thank you a ton for listening to me, it really means a lot. I'm serious, it does. :o This may be a bit too much to ask, but I hope most of it becomes a reality.

If you read this... Happy early Taco Tuesday.

Jan 2015

@Stellaria that is a very good post. At the risk of being wrong, it seems you want a more social-oriented guild. In other words, you want a guild whose members are focused on having fun or making friends and less focused on being the best or the first. A more "casual" guild without the negative connotations of the word "casual".

I'd have to agree with the sentiment of your post, and I will have this attitude whether or not this guild goes in this direction. It's just how I've always played games .

I'm sure we've all experienced leveling by ourselves at one point or another in Maplestory, and most Maplers will agree it is much less fun and rewarding. Because of this, I don't think you're asking for very much at all. We all play to have fun, and regardless of what "type" of guild we will be, I believe that the social aspect of a guild is obligatory.

So, I too hope our guild becomes a comfortable home for people of all different play-styles. As long as people are kind and respectful, they can join. I also think a *large* population is key so that nobody ever has to be alone . I don't know much about MS2's guild system yet, but I hope it is conducive to what you and I both want.

EDIT: I wanted to annotate what I'd already written by saying that this thread should be judgement-free. If someone has a vision of the guild that is contrary to the precedent or the norm (in terms of what has already been posted), please don't hold back or conform. Thanks~

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar


Thanks! I guess you're right, I'm not really asking for much. I want the guild to be very social as well. I'm sick of the always-being-alone days, I wanna make friends, have fun, chat.. that kind of stuff. The thing I never had in MS1 -_-' But MS2 is like a whole new thing for me and I'm all over it like OMG MAYBE I CAN GET FRIENDS *forever alone* hahah XD

Jan 2015
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Took a minute to figure out what you were trying to say, I'm so slow XD Yeah, I am a member of Pig Beach (assuming that is what you mean). I just joined too, so I'm super hyped about MS2 now since I know that they're will be people to chat with and such. Loneliness is not fun.

Jan 2015
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