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does anyone know what maplestory 2 will be for, and if anyone know if you'll have to pay for it?

7 1008 Jun 2014



How many Aussie players are waiting for this game?
Do you have your own MS2 Crew ready?
SOLO [ meeting new players, new crew & new friends + party. ]

May 2015

I haven't played maplestory in so long! I'm excited to meet new people. I hope people are friendly

Jun 2015

I'm from Australia as well =D
Currently I'm on the guild 'Archon'

Jun 2015

Am in Australia too. Btw, how bad is the ping for you guys? Mine is between 400-700 when no one at home using internet, but as soon as my sister play minecraft online, it goes to 2000 lmao...

Jul 2015

Damn thats super high ping. I think our best bet is US West on release.

Fingers crossed for an aussie server though.

Oct 2015

In Queensland, add me. Just copy and paste below IGN's.
스니키네�" (40 Thief)
네�"� �인� � (50 Ranger)
I also use WTFast to reduce to ping by connecting to a Korean server.
Ping: 500-1000ms
Ping w/WTFast: 250-350ms depending on which Korean server you connect to but Korea Server 3 is the most stable at 400ms.

Jan 2016
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