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Does anyone think Maplestory2 will be available for mac? Due to college I was forced to get a mac and I have not been able to play Maplestory because of it. I really hope it's available for it when it comes out. Anyone else hope so?

2 8 1835 May 2014



Yo Guys, everyone who aplied was chosen to become tester?
I was too lazy and now i registered in nexon korea with only my gmail account ( T.T)

May 2015

I don't think everyone got in I think only 30,000 or something. I really hope open beta comes out soon though :-)

May 2015

i didnt get in ... and alot of people didnt get in on this website (whoever applied)

May 2015

I got in, yet i kinda got a bit bored of MS2, havent even touched the game for like 5 days and still lazy to level from lvl 16 xD

I would play more, but school. D:

Waiting for MS1 PinkBean job.

May 2015
Menohh avatar

@ShadowsFortune How do you get bored of MS2 when the CBT is only going to last one week, and you only played it for a day...?

May 2015

Menohh, it's probably because he, like so many others, knows that all the progress they make on the game won't be saved. I know that always stops me from working too hard on a beta for a game.

May 2015
Menohh avatar

@Eziekieal I suppose...! But if it were me, I'd definitely be exploring and trying to gain some knowledge to have some sort of advantage when the game is released. =)

May 2015
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