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Hey guys i know this topic is miles away from completion but do you guys have any idea what kind of skills they might bring from Maplestory? If so which kind and which one are you guys excited for? I personally want to see shadow partner in action if they do incorporate it into a skill! and meso explosion and how it will act with the 3d environment.

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I'm from the SEA region, and while I know it's still a long time before the global/SEA version is released, here's a bit of rant from me about MS1 and some wishes regarding MS2. I played MS1 since OBT until the period when the potential system came out, and quit around that time. MS was basically my childhood, from 11 years old until 17. I'm 20 now, and have tried 3 times to return to MS1, but didn't work out because the community was completely destroyed. Nexon/Asiasoft completely f*cked up the whole game by making it pay2win. I don't want to go into details because I'm sure everyone here knows what I'm referring to. So here's what I hope for MS2:

1. The developers make as little pay2win content as possible. Something like Dota2, where you pay cash for cosmetics but doesn't give you any advantage for game play.
2. The developers stick to the original MS1 idea, where most game content is for the low to mid tier players, and no easy grinding to lvl 100 in a day, so that players actually get to enjoy the game together.
3. Control the god damn mesos inflation. I don't care if you put 50% tax on trades or something, just bloody control it. Especially those macros farming the whole map, ban them for life and patrol the map regularly.....

Anyway, hope global/SEA version comes out ASAP, can't wait for it, can we? =)

Jul 2015

1.Don't compare an mmo with a moba. They run differently and are able to do things differently. I really do hope there is no p2w features in the game myself but I doubt it be 100% free. I have yet to see a f2p MMORPG go 100% free with just cosmetics. I really do not think that is possible. I hope they do prove me wrong though and are able to make the game only cosmetics that be so cool. Even though I already see people who might "whine" about how the templates to make your own clothing cost NX/merits/real money. No one is going be happy no matter what they decide to do.

I do see them adding in 2x coupons and gachapon though and I am okay with that personally. I just hope they don't add a potential system or at least one that's too much of a gamble like MS1 is. If they do add in potential it must give out decent stats 100% of the time. Not relying on spending 100.00 to gamble for stats. Add in ways to earn merit/nx/real money through in game events and what not will help curb the p2w aspect as well. Like I said though staying 100% free from p2w seems unlikely though since there has yet to be any MMORPG that's done that before.

2.)I do agree that a lot of content needs to be given at all level ranges but I really want more end game content instead of low/mid tier. I do not want super fast leveling speed like MS1 has now, but I also do not want that pre-bb grind that took you months to reach lvl 30. So far reaching level 30 in MS2 is achievable in a week or less. So it isn't too bad. They need to find a mid range to help both parties who like to grind and who like reaching end game content. Reaching cap shouldn't be the only reason to play the game. There needs to be end game content to give replay value after reaching cap.

3.)This is likely not possible to do so since they are a f2p company and f2p companies are easier to hack into than p2p/b2p games. Reason being is since it's f2p everyone can play the game. You're more likely to hack a game that you will be able to play for free than hack in a game you paid to play or pay monthly. Adding too much tax is just going to hurt the playerbase more than good. More mesos sinks are needed but as of now it's doing fine. The mesos sinks on upgrading skills, upgrading gears, buying houses, etc are doing very well keeping the mesos value well. I do hope that a better security is implemented and more patrolling is done in MS2 than it is in MS1. This will help greatly keeping the market from being ruined. Their is only so much they can do though.

Jul 2015

1. Don't hold your breath, but with UGC it could be possible that Nexon is able to run the game without pay-to-win levels of Cash Shop. I'm sure that they've already learned that lesson from MS1 though.

2. I mean, it's already possible to achieve the cap within one to two days of playing right now, so depending on what their end-game cap is, I wouldn't hold your breath. Even further, there's no reason to make leveling so time consuming. I think they've taken a more modern approach of having the level caps be perhaps accessible with some time. I suppose as long as they avoid the "spend 50 hours to get one level when you're two away from the cap" approach, I'm fine.

3. Meso selling is significantly more difficult in MS2. Not only does the Black Market deliver your mesos two days after the fact, but names are also not included in a listed item. The two-day buffer also gives Nexon a chance to potentially prevent these transactions (and other exploits) from going through, especially if a certain transaction is very suspicious (ie., selling one red potion for one billion mesos).
Potions are a silly way to deal in mesos as they sell for a tenth of the price at which they are bought, meaning the meso sellers need even more than they are selling.

Jul 2015

i read the comments in this thread and i cant stop myself im laughing so hard.
stupid idiots, you think you know somthing?
nexon will do what they want.
if they want make lvl hard like old ms they will. if not not.
if they want p2w they will.
just stfu and wait for the future to come.

Jul 2015
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