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Hello all,

I'm new here but I'd like to share this good new:
According to Orangemushroom the Alpha test will start on August 15.

"For MapleStory 2, alpha testing will take place on August 15 for about 3 hours in the Nexon Headquarters for all supporters! This is the first time anyone will be playing the game, exciting! Hopefully closed beta comes out soon~"

Kind regards.


3 1 2289 Aug 2014 Orangemushroom



So... I just participated in the 2 hour online festival, however I couldn't get the car mount.
Almost everyone around me had their car mount activated.

I am aware of an NPC located at a corner of Tria, but I couldn't get him to sell me a car...
He had this car-looking icon on top of him.

P/S: Spadow was online!

Jun 2015
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