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I tried to post video of a video explaining updates in store for maplestory 2 in the future
Instead, I will put it in a link.
There is the video followed by a summary(in English)
All credit goes to MrOrangeMushroom
The link: Orangemushroommore-12698

6 1222 Jun 2015 Orangemushroom



Hi guys, I live in Europe but I really want to play NA MS2 because that's where my guild is. Can anyone help me please?

-Thanks guys

Jun 2015

na ms2?
do you need help locating your time machine

Jun 2015

NA MS2 won't be coming out for a while, but once it does; a solution will come to you faster than you think. If I were you, I would not worry about it and just try to coordinate your plans of action as a guild with your NA friends.

Jun 2015

Dont call it NA MS2. The servers may be in L.A., like in MS1, but it was a global server back then, and it should be a global server now. So, please call it GMS2.
When MS1 came out 10 years ago, there also was no EuropeMS. And this will be the same for MS2. Maybe there wont be a EuropeMS2 at all, but if, then it will come out 1+year after GMS. It has to be translated into at least 3 other languages. Until then, I bet that you can play (t)here without problems.... no IP block. Thats how I played all the years and Im from Germany.

Jun 2015

I'm from Europe too, but I want to play in NA servers too because my guild (Eterna) is located in NA servers

Jun 2015

thanks guys and i do beg your pardon for saying NA ms2

Jun 2015
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