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I know a bunch of us are downloading/installing it (or attempting to, at least.) If you were able to play, how are you liking it?

10 1766 Jun 2015



What can I say Nexon, you've outdone yourselves
The second set of post-CBT patch notes were released tonight...
All I have is one thing to say...This better be a joke Nexon
Lemme sum up the new features in the update:

Your character is required to excrete occasionally
Thieves can now break into other people's houses and steal their gear
Mushroom people are a playable class
You can customize more body shapes (doesn't sound so bad, but)
These directly modify the characters statistics. (It should be purely cosmetic)
There's a whole slot for underwear...damn in Korea
Raids have been introduced (parties larger than 10) however
They claim you'll need a Titan X graphics card (One of the best graphics cards out there)
A really OP book item
A direct ripoff of Dragonball
Abnormally long necks
The possibility of drowning in water...

I know this is most likely a joke to celebrate April Fools,
But this scares the crap outta me.
I've been looking forward to this game and I don't want it ruined
I don't want this game to become a list of chores before you can really play.
Please, PLEEEEASE let me know if Google Translate made an error,
That made up all of this ridiculous stuff.
(Highly unlikely)

Apr 2015

It's definitely just a joke. All of the mechanics they've explained in the notes are outrageously silly, such as having warriors with ranger-esque attack range due to having 20-foot long arms.

Mushroom race would be sick though, nexon plz

Apr 2015
Ching avatar

Personally, I would love all of those in the game except for the graphics card thing. Especially the dragonball thing, being a huge fan of the anime and manga.

Apr 2015

Man if this was true, some jail cells don't have toilets...lawl

Apr 2015

Everybody's gotta have their bit of fun on April Fools. I guess Nexon is surely having their's right now

Apr 2015

Some of the features (and those that you haven't mentioned here) are pretty awesome, I hope they'll implement them sooner or later
I laughed so hard at the poop gauge, Mario ripoff and the underwear slot.

Apr 2015

Too bad its really a April Fool's joke. I myself and a whole lot of others would like a handful of these features... OTL
Link if anyone is interested: Orangemushroom

Apr 2015

These are freaking ridiculous, hahaha. "Mushzerker" hahahaha
'The Essence of Mathematics item has been added. If used, your character will become good at math. This has no use in battle'
I have not laughed this hard in a while, absolutely love it.

Apr 2015
Menohh avatar

April fools, for sure. Some of the things they mentioned could actually work... sort of...! lol
Great, nonetheless.

Apr 2015

Wow, they really went all out for this joke! They made some pretty good mock-ups to showcase their new "features". If they half as much time on the game as they did on this joke, MS2 will be out in a snap XD

Apr 2015
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