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So since I cannot find any streams/information etc. regarding the thief character, does anyone know anything about it?

I plan on playing it regardless of tiers, skills etc. since CB was my favorite MS1 class

May 2015

They're so stealthy, you didn't even notice them in the CBT.

Honestly, I haven't seen much of them either! I would like to though, so I'll definitely check back on this thread. CB was one of the more engaging classes in the game and I had a blast on mine. RIP ASSAULTER.

May 2015

There is a wiki page that explains their skills, although I have not seen any actual footage or screenshots of it.

May 2015

the lack of thief streams/video was due to the fact that according to most serious and casuals thief players saw the class as the highest "control" cap.
meaning they are too difficult to play with their short range and "high risk/low reward" (death to damage ratio) department.

although they can be extremely powerful, from my understanding their mobility is quite low due to their melee range and a low hp pool.

on top of all the actual "discontent" during the betas, players playing overseas on a KMS2 server had quite a bit of lag, which does not help. which is also one of the factors english speaking streamers did not play the class.

but kudos for those who had the computer/internet/latency to play them with stellar controls in korea.

May 2015
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