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Hope it's not as clunky as the first maple's PvP, that was a disaster for most classes :X.

Jan 2015

@senpaishotgg It's content made by the same people and published by the same company. However, I don't think it will be bad if they actually put some effort into it. I just hope they try to make it a main attraction of the game and not a side-show like they did in MS1. Having a good PvP system from the get-go could push MS2 into places MS1 never really went (PvP events, tournaments, prizes, etc).

To reiterate my point, it could be as unfortunate as the PvP in MS1 if they just add it for the sake of saying it's in their game. It needs to be worked on, and content needs to be regularly produced for it or else it will eventually lag behind the rest of the game.

Jan 2015
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