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WatchGintama avatar

Anyone know of a twitch or youtube channel that will have gameplay videos of the upcoming CBT?

Jan 2015

I am guessing Steparu, Sparow and ATK will have it. sorry if you already knew.

Jan 2015

They tested in Alpha already. They get 100% access. It states so in the rules of CBT.

Jan 2015

OrangeMushroom will be in the beta test but I'm not sure if he's going to live stream it.

Jan 2015

@senpaishotgg he recently annonced he was gonna take a break from maple all together and is offically on leave from Leafre. Maybe he will get around to streaming or playing at all for that matter. I hope so but I wouldnt bank on it.

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar

All I really know is Steparu, I think they might record it. Livestream it? I only saw Alpha but I don't know anything of livestreaming..

Jan 2015
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