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Greetings Maplers! We're back and better!

You've no doubt heard rumors that and English version of MapleStory 2 is indeed being worked on. There's no official word on when that is, but stay tuned.

A few words about the new site - we've worked hard to make it fun and simple to use. Post in-game achievements, videos, screens, questions, etc. Follow the things you're into, set up your Guilds (aka Teams on here) and more.

Don't forget to join us on Youtube Twitter and Facebook too!

If you had an account before, it's still there, just log in and/or request a new password. Sign up if you haven't yet and join the chatter.

Let us know if you've seen any cool new videos / content - just click the 'new story' button up top.


1162 Nov 2016

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