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Hi all, hope you're well!

Thank you all for joining us and posting your thoughts, it's great to have you on board. You're trailblazers! Pioneers of the Wild West! Or just really eager like me... Also, a particular thanks to some of you who've taken the time to edit our wiki, it's greatly appreciated. Any of you are free to do so if you find something new!

On that note, it's time to point out some recent updates to the site.

#Wiki rewrite/update
First and foremost - the wiki system has been largely rewritten. This inevitably means that a lot of bugs have been introduced. For example, until just now I think I broke the ability to edit wiki's! Oops! That should all be resolved and anyone can contribute again. On that note, I'd love to get some help putting in info from the new Classes video.

#Share time!
You might notice a little 'share this page' box on screens, videos, wiki's and your own ID page. You'll also notice that we have a short URL link setup to allow you to easily and quickly link to various parts of the site. For example, to link to the main Wiki just use ms2.tv/wiki-1. This is an easy way to share screens, videos and wiki's easily on Twitter, FB, YT, and....

#ID/Me! Page
I've spent a good bit of time revamping the ID page. First and foremost - you can now see what screens/videos you've submitted as well your comments around the site. The following/follower pages have been spruced up a little too. Just as importantly - everyone gets a handy short URL, mine is ms2.tv/me/captain. Feel free to use this on your Twitter, FB, YT, DeviantArt and other sites to share your ID page. Not only does it help us out, but those of you who do fanart can get more viewers this way. I've also give everyone a handy little stats counter so you can see exactly how many visitors you're getting from aforementioned sites. Note that only you can see these stats.

Thanks again for hopping on board the MS2.tv train, have fun and enjoy!

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As Maplestory 2 and more news about is getting released, I think it's time to start thinking about how Maplestory 2 will differ from the original. As a result, I made a tiny but growing lists of things from MS1 that I want to see in MS2 even though we have no gameplay.
-Party Quests
-Pre BB exp curve ( not being nostalgic. Refer to this v)
-Party Zone (so I can actually train for a while with others and be happy to train and converse)
How about you guys?

Feb 2014

Im sorry but hardly anyone enjoyed the prebb exp curve....especially if they make MS2 as grindy as MS1 no one going enjoy that old xp curve. The main reason why they changed it was bc of too many complaints of it being too long to lvl up. Which I agree the curve was definitely needed.

Now if MS2 is more quest orientated and had other ways to lvl up then it may not be so bad but if it's going be like MS1 where it's grind orientated game then no way. We have enough grind in MS1 we don't need MS2 to be the something. No one really cares if it takes you 12 months to get to lvl 100. People want to enjoy lvling up and they can't really enjoy it if it's going take you a year to get to get you only a few lvls in the game.

Feb 2014

Diverse creatures that can be interacted by many ways beside the same group of respawning monsters used for grinding. I like cute slimes, snails, and stumps to be around.

Feb 2014

I see what you mean. Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I also want more quests with a bigger story line

Feb 2014

i dont know what omniscient1 is talking about, obviously he didnt play back then.
The whole point of that exp system was that it was more rewarding to achieve anything.
I dont know anyone who played early days 2003-2006 that didnt like the exp curve. You got what u wanted in ms, fast leveling & pay2win. Thats what killed ms so backoff.

Feb 2014

l just honestly hope that this game doesn't turn into a solo game where everyone tries to get stronger only so they can solo bosses or PQs.
l hope they utilize and emphasize the MMO aspect.

Feb 2014

I really hope they go the vindictus way and concentrate on bossing ability over raw damage.
I agree with omniscient. I really, really, detested the exp curve (played during beta 2005). It forced me to go to private servers to enjoy content that only people that expended at least 100+ hours into the game can enjoy. Its more important that the content match the leveling system and make sure that we get rewarded for visiting places such as quest exp like omniscient stated.

Feb 2014

I want ridiculously spammable skills with flashy skill effects.

Mar 2014

We need account-wide Cash Shop,don't be so dam greedy this time nexon.

Mar 2014

Guys, old Maple is so nostalgic. Playin with my friends, we were so happy to achieve 2nd job. Yes, it was hard to lvl, but that wasthe thing we loved the most in MS. Being lv50-60 was a great achievement bak in 2006-07-08, being True experience players. It was so exciting! After 2008, maple started to decline, and its dead now. -Toomany useless OP classes, toomuch useless boring event stuffs, no partyzones cuz everyone are soloers, too easy to lvl, PQs are dead, pay to win. All those things I just said...well,I dont want them in MS2. ^.^ What I want is the excitement I had back in the old days when i was lvlup.

Mar 2014

A lot less servers! come on! why does it have so many? like some people said, it shouldn't be like a solo MMORPG.
PQs as great as carnival pq, ludi pq, also something like the bunny pq for those of low levels.
Maybe yes you're right people, old school MS was hard, but now is easy! NEXON! find a perfect medium between that old hard and the new easy.
useless classes removed.
Emphasize MMO! I actually knew new people that I still have on facebook. Not anymore.

Jan 2015

I kiiiiiind of want chairs. Would it be too much? hmmm.

Jan 2015

I like a lot of what it has already shown us. I would say my wish for MS2 is to not be as Pay2Win as MS1, and I hope they have better support. I love the maplestory music and cuteness of the characters, which it already has.

If they can make MS2 have a similar play-feel to the original, I think I'm hooked. In MS1, you could change direction on a dime, and the skills worked fluidly with character movement. I don't know how they're going to perfect that in 3D, but I hope they can.

Jan 2015
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