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Hey Archon,

The Mumble conference went over pretty well. For everybody who didn't have the chance to listen in-- I have posted the recording of our original conversation inside of the Archon Skype group.
I will be creating another audio file and posting it here on the guild page; extremely similar to the original conversation, also going over all of the points that I addressed on Sunday. The new version will be intended for non-existing members who are interested in joining, and it'll present the points in a more structured manner-- as I felt that I was more or less just talking off the top of my head with my fellow guildies. =)

Stay tuned to the wall for normal updates, as always. When I produce the new file, feel free to listen in on that as well; if you want a refresher to the guild in general, along with Sunday's convo.

Meno (Kyle)

P.S. Good to see you talking, @Paris ! Welcome to the team.

342 Mar 2015 Archon

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