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Hey Archon,

A few major updates:

We've made an outstanding amount of progress. Our website is close to being complete! All functionality of the site will be working-- which will mean that we will begin accepting applications and using our website forums.
The Archon Guild website will be our primary source for releasing new information, and making announcements about the guild and MS2. While we'll still keep track of this guild page, it'll come second to the website-- and applications that are sent here will NOT be considered unless an application to our guild via our site has been sent first.
That being said, we are going to encourage all guild members to stop using the wall, and begin using the forums, Skype, and Mumble to socialize! ( Skype: Menoww message me for Mumble server info.)
We will be using this page to inform potential members about our guild, and direct them to the website.
This page will undergo a re -haul over the next couple of days; it'll include separate sections on rules, requirements, goals, how to apply to our and connect with us socially, etc.

Other than that, be sure to watch @ChannelOnion 's stream on the 30th! I'll be donating to his cause and advertising the guild via donation message. Be sure to represent Archon there on the 30th! I'll plan to donate and advertise for Archon every single day that he streams, within the first hour of each day.

692 Apr 2015 Archon

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