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Hey guys!

Just reminding everybody about the site: www.ms2-archon.com please apply to the guild on our website.

Again, to all current members, please send in an application to our website if you haven't:
We're organizing the guild roster and need all members to apply. Please include your ms2.tv name within your application so that we can track who is already a part of the guild and who is not. Once you've applied, please check your email for the validation link (it will send after we accept you).

To people who are interested in joining our guild, please send in an application to our website FIRST and be sure to include your ms2.tv name. Send in your website application BEFORE you apply to this page. AFTER you apply on our website, feel free to apply on this page-- but make sure you apply on both. We will only accept users who have applied to our website first.


P.S. Thank you guys for still tuning into this page, as our site hasn't completely taken over yet-- but will in the near future. We currently have forums with active discussion topics, so don't hesitiate to join; socialize with your guild mates! And as awlays, we also have Skype and Mumble to socialize on. When the website does take over in publishing guild and game updates, I will give this page a make-over with information and more detailed instruction.

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