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Hello guys! Here's an update; a few reminders and things to keep in mind.

I would like to remind current members that in order to keep our roster counts accurate, we would appreciate your dedication to a single guild (meaning that if you're in two guilds, we would like you to choose one).
New members or members who aren't currently in our Skype chat can add me on Skype @ Menoww or send me a message with their Skype user name attached and I will look to add you into our conversation ASAP.
Note that while I plan to dedicate 28-36 hours of my week to the game and leading my guild as a whole (on top of my full-time job) I will be searching for additional people, preferably current members, who are interested in taking on promotions with specific roles-- here's a rough idea of what I'm searching for:

Additional Officers (preferably most active during the regular week)
Event Coordinator
"Raid" (Boss) leader

Our first goal is still 50 members before launch (100 maximum). That being said, the sooner we get to 50, the faster I'll work to get our Mumble and website online. Obviously we have some time before launch, but I want achieve a solid core before we head into the game. If you have any friends who want to join, refer them to this page and tell 'em to send in an application! Also will continue to recruit artists/designers for the guild.

As always, you can message me or my senior/officers if you have any comments, ideas, questions, or concerns.

Meno (Kyle)

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