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Hey Archon! Important update.

I've covered a lot about what we're working on in previous guild posts under my name. Now I am glad to announce that our Mumble server will be up this Friday; March 6th 2015-- and with it, an opening guild meeting. This meeting won't be mandatory, but my goal for this meeting is to have attendance that caps out the servers allowed users (15 to start, and I'll increase it if the Mumble becomes a popular option).

A little rundown on guild communications:
Skype and Mumble will be two out of our three primary sources for staying connected
1) Skype for chatting (exclusively) .
2) Mumble for voice communications.
( If you aren't familiar with Mumble, here's a link: Mumble )
3) Website for staying connected and updated with guild related news (this is a work-in-progress).

In regards to the meeting, here's the date and time that I am setting:
1:00 PM (pacific) on March 7th, 2015.
This time and date are both subject to change. Our server information (to connect) will be given out through private messages on Skype-- or through the mail system here. Please mail me or an officer/senior if you're interested in joining the meeting; or our Skype conversation if you haven't already. If you do not contact either myself, MagicClone, or Wharz-- we will not have a way of handing you the information that you need to connect to our server; as we won't be posting the server information on our wall, in order to keep our server private and exclusive to guild members only. I highly recommend staying connected through Skype during these early stages of MS2 and our guild's development-- as it is a more or less instant way to stay updated.

One last note: roster clean up will be happening as soon as in-depth editing becomes an option for me. I will be keeping our roster accurate in respect to my update regarding members in other guilds along with ours. Once leaving guilds becomes an option for everybody, people in more than one guild will have time to leave other guilds before I go through our current roster and make changes accordingly. I mean no disrespect to any individuals or any other guilds, but keeping my roster accurate is in my best interest in respect to staying organized.

Message me if you have any questions, Archon.

Meno (Kyle)

218 Mar 2015 Archon

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