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Hey guys, quick update:

Just a reminder that our Mumble server is up and running, and that our guild meeting will start at 1:00 PM (Pacific) this Saturday! I'm estimating that the meeting will take no more than 15 minutes. If you'd like to attend the meeting, please message me for the Mumble server information, or check the Skype conversation. If you're not in the Skype group, send me a message and ask for the info, thenbe sure to be online and ready to listen in on Saturday. I will be sending out messages later tonight (Friday) to the people who've already requested the Mumble server info.
I will be going over our goals, rules, and expectations. I'll also be answering questions, if any. Please consider joining if you'd like to listen to me reemphasize these things.
Also, our website is in development by a guild contributor-- expect a simple and elegant layout! One step closer to being an All-Star guild.

I'll talk to you guys on Saturday!

Meno (Kyle)

280 Mar 2015 Archon

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