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Hey people,

Last week's Mumble meeting was a bit rushed; poor planning on my end! Nobody seemed to be ready or available for the chat. That being said, I'd like to schedule another Mumble meeting a little bit more in advance.
Let's go ahead and plan for the meeting to happen on March 28th at 6:00 PM (Pacific) in the Mumble.
Note that while I could announce everything that I plan on speaking about here on the guild wall, I am choosing not to because I feel that having the chance to speak out to everybody will add the personal touch that I'm looking to deliver along with my points.

In other news, website development is at large thanks to @bieber
I will release the URL when development is complete and we're ready for launch. Soon we will have an outstanding resource for guild information: News & Updates, Event Calendar, a simplistic forum, and even an integrated on-site application for people who are interested in joining the guild. Even with MapleStory 2 a couple of months down the road, we're still getting ready as fast as we can. Once everything is in place, we shouldn't be considered anything but an All-Star group.
All of the details regarding expectations, rules, and more will be on our site and available for anybody to see.

As always, stay tuned. There is definitely more to come in the near future.

Meno (Kyle)

579 Mar 2015 Archon

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