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Hey guys,

Just a quick update. I know that things are slow because of the lack of information regarding MS2, but please be patient! We are trying our best to provide what we think will be the best experience for a guild. Our planning has come a long way since day 1 of establishment. Officers and I are currently scheduling upcoming events and activities to make the waiting time a little more bearable until we hear more about MS2.
Our website is still in the works, and of for now we are still recruiting! We need to reach that goal of 50 members soon.
Also a reminder that there will be a guild meeting on the 28th of this month (read below for more info).
Please be sure that you're prepared; confirm that you can actively listen in with speakers. Microphones are optional but very much appreciated.
We will be going over some very crucial information regarding the guild-- what we expect & more.

Message me if you have any questions or if you'd like to chat with me on Skype or in the Mumble! I'm available throughout the day via messages on here and Skype, and I'm available for voice chat after 6:00 PM (PST).

Meno (Kyle)

261 Mar 2015 Archon

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